Regional Development Program Growing Across the Country

Archery Australia’s Regional Development Program (AARDP) continues to grow in strength across the country with some 130 archers, 35 coaches and 7 Coordinators taking part on a regular basis.

About the Program

The National wide program aims to give a pathway for those archers looking to enter National Squad programs, with both in person training, as well as education from sports science, sports medicine professionals. Sessions occur in almost every RGB across the country and are run in partnership with our RGB’s.


Coaches of the program gathered last month for their 6 monthly coach and coordinator meeting, where information about the program is shared, coaches can communicate with each other, as well as education opportunities provided.

The coaches were updated on the state of the program, given opportunities to help shape the programs future, as well as shown the requirements and processes that athletes and coaches need to understand in order to join an Archery Australia National Squad. Finally they were given a presentation by Archery Australia Wellness and Engagement lead, Rhian Bird, on how to plan for an athlete while taking in AW&E considerations.

Coaches and coordinators in the program are given access to an online portal that houses information about the program, as well as education resources. Coaches that cannot make online calls are also able to see recordings of the calls on the portal, to help them keep updated as well as share any resources that they use to develop their programs.

If you are interested in joining the program or just want to learn more click here