Regional Development Program

Archery Australia Regional Development Program


The AARDP is a nationally focused program that aims to provide a clear pathway for athletes who demonstrate a commitment and drive to be internationally competitive. Archery Australia works in conjunction with Recognised Governing Bodies (RGBs) to deliver the programs.

Some state AARDP’s also encompass a state development program.

The AARDP has been implemented to:

  • Develop squad members to a level where they can qualify for entry into Archery Australia National Squads.
  • Educate and prepare archers for the rigours of training as an elite Athlete both physically and mentally.
  • develop a greater level of opportunity for squad members to compete domestically and internationally.

AARDP squads are:

  • SQAS (South Queensland)
  • NSW (Archery New South Wales)
  • ACT (Archery ACT)
  • VIC (Archery Victoria)
  • SA (Archery South Australia)
  • WA (Archery Western Australia)
  • TAS (Archery Society of Tasmania)


Regional Development Program Guidelines – AARDP guidelines 2023 updated June 2023

For more information please contact the High Performance Pathways Manager, Robert Turner: