National Compound Program

2021 National Compound Program (NCP)

The National Compound Program have some of Australia’s top compounders working with our elite archers to both have fun and to push the standards higher. They are Scott Brice (Qld), Louise Redman (ACT), Marcel Verstegan (Vic), Clint Freeman (TAS), Pat Coghlan (SA) and Danie Oosthuizen (WA). Those six have vast experience internationally and know what it takes to get to the top. The numbers involved vary from State to State, but we have a group with really good talent.

While the lack of competition during the lock-downs has been quite annoying we have tried to use the time where we can. For example, amongst the most recent activities, Scott ran match practice in Brisbane; Louise ran some matches by Internet with Tazmin in Victoria and Rhiannon in South Australia using the World Archery face to face app (which seems to work well); and Clint ran a coaching day in Launceston. Aside from those, I ran an unofficial ranking list for the archers during July and August and we saw some very nice scores from the group. One task I set them was to see how many consecutive 10s they could shoot using a distance and target face size at the edge of their abilities – at 30 metres using an 800 mm target face Matt McDougall got to 54, which was pretty impressive. I have suggested they try 40 metres with a 1220 mm target face – it is not as easy as it might seem, and requires you to maintain your concentration very well (J.Park)

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2021 Compound National Squads

National Squad – the AA National Squad

National Squad

Men 690

Women 670

International – Athletes who in the opinion of the HPC can be competitive in international competition or are ready for international exposure


Development Squad – the AA Development Squad

Development Squad

Men 680

Women 660

Development – Athletes who in the opinion of the HPC are considered to be emerging and have the potential to progress through the tiers in the coming years due to demonstrated commitment.


Youth Squad – the AA Youth Squad

Youth Squad – Junior

Men 670

Women 650

Junior – Athletes who in the opinion of the HPC have demonstrated the potential to progress through to the Development Squad in the coming years.