Come and Try Archery

Archery is a sport for everyone no matter your age, ability or skill level!

We encourage everyone to come along and try archery and have some fun. It’s a fantastic sport and you’ll make lots of friends along the way and become part of a great community. We’ll also let you in on a secret, nothing beats hitting your very first gold. But you’ll have to come and try it for yourself.

Benefits of Archery 

Archery is a fun sport that builds hand-eye coordination skills along with balance, core stability and upper body strength. When drawing the bow back you are engaging shoulders, arms, core, back and legs muscles all to create a smooth and consistent shot every time.

Bows can be customised to the archer, so it can be tailored to their individual needs such as draw weight of the bow (how much weight you are pulling back). Archery is also highly customisable for our para archery and allows for stools, wheelchairs and release aids to ensure everybody can try archery.

Where To Start

We have 130 archery clubs across Australia, all who are keen to welcome new members into their community. Most clubs run formal Archery Come N Try session where experienced coaches will provide a fun and safe environment to try archery.

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