Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


A message from the Archery Australia President and CEO:
Archery Australia, in close consultation with our Recognised Governing Bodies (RGBs) are proud to produce this four-year Strategic Plan. This 2022-2026 Strategic Plan will ensure Archery Australia continues to provide support to all tiers as we look to be more innovative in our approach and continue to unify the archery community.

Throughout the development and consultation for this Strategic Plan, it was identified that an updated Vision, Mission and Values was required as we look to ensure archery is a sport for all, for life. These important strategic updates will allow the sport to build on the progression that archery in Australia has made to date, in ensuring it is an inclusive, safe, and enjoyable sporting environment for all.

Furthermore, our new Mission “Lead and support the Archery community to access, enjoy, contribute to and succeed across all levels of the sport”, is one we are very passionate about, as we continue to support and work with RGB’s, Archery Clubs and our Members. We feel this new Mission better
reflects the work and priority/focus Archery Australia is committed to.

This plan identifies key Pillars that as a sport the whole archery community can embrace together. These key Pillars are Participation and Engagement,
Performance and Pathways, Capacity and Capability Building and Governance. The Archery Australia Board and management team are committed to continually reviewing this plan and reporting to the Archery Australia community through the RGB’s to ensure key targets and milestones are on track and met.

This plan was not only developed with the continued support and consultation of our RGB’s but also the Club Survey that was sent to every registered Archery Club in Australia. The results from this survey played an important factor in the development of this plan and provided valuable insight. On
behalf of Archery Australia thank you to our RGB’s and clubs for your time, insights and support , it was greatly appreciated.

We are incredibly excited about the future of our sport and encourage you all to read this Strategic Plan as we look forward to working with you all on executing our collective strategy over the next four years, to achieve these important and vital plans to ensure Archery is an inclusive, engaging and
accessible sport for all Australians. We thank all involved in bringing this Strategic Plan to life, and look forward to continued collaboration, implementation, evolution and success.