The Archery Alliance was formed in December 2010 where the Presidents of AA, 3DAAA and ABA signed a Memorandum of Understanding which outlined the future relationship between the organisations as they work together for the promotion and protection of all forms of archery in Australia. Since then TAA (Traditional Archery Australia Inc) has also joined the Alliance.

The aims of the Alliance is to advance matters of common interest, and to do so in a way that respects each others activities, fields of interests and memberships.


In a first major example of cooperation, the Alliance went to the market to investigate a common insurance régime; through its now combined bargaining power the Alliance has negotiated insurance cover for the three associations.

Although it must be stressed each Association will be insured separately and shall still operate independently complying with each Association rules and regulations, this insurance provides no linkage between organisations. The current insurance cover proves slightly lower premiums but greatly increased benefits for all organisations involved.


It was made clear right from the start that all Associations would remain independent in their operation but would work together for the best interest of the sport in a number of areas such as promotion and representation to government. It was recognised that each Association has unique opportunities that they could offer other Association members and for this reason Cross Participation was introduced.
Each Association has clear rules that insist that anyone shooting at a club or in a tournament MUST be a member of the respective association, but one area of cooperation is the introduction of Cross Participation that will allow members to participate in nominated tournaments. These nominated Cross Participation tournaments would be clearly indicated in the respective national tournament calendars of each association.
AA members, ABA members and 3DAAA members are able to participate in nominated Cross Participation tournaments, but are not be eligible for awards or medals unless they are direct members of that organisation. Also a new visiting archer provisions have been agreed. AA who have for some years had a Temporary Member policy in place will implement these new visitor provisions from the 1st January 2011 to allow Alliance members visit an AA club as a Temporary Member.
The clubs of each organisation, if they choose to implement new visitor provisions, will be able to allow visitors from the other organisations to attend at their club on a limited basis. This will be enabled under the respective visitor provisions or temporary membership arrangements of the three organisations. The intent of this policy is to allow Alliance Member to participate as visitors up to a total of 4 times in a year at another association’s clubs, (where clubs agree to allow visitors).
The policy is not to circumvent the obligation for a visiting archer to join the respective organisation, should they wish to become a regular participant (more than 4 visits a year) at that organisations club or events. A Temporary Affiliate/Visitor form is to be completed for each visit and Club’s are to forward a copy of these forms periodically to their respective National Body.
Of course a club has the right to approve/reject the participation of any visitor to their venue, however it is hoped that clubs will take advantage of the framework that has been put in place. Archers wishing to visit a club of another association should always first contact that club.