A Celebratory Milestone: Archery Australia Wins the Win Well Award!

Hello to our beloved Archery Australia community,

Today, we are writing with immense pride and joy to share a landmark achievement in the journey of Archery Australia. We have been honored with the prestigious Win Well award, a significant milestone that marks the end of many years of dedicated effort and symbolizes the dawn of a new era in Australian high-performance sports.

A Vision Realized

The Win Well award, part of Australia’s 2032+ High-Performance Sports Strategy, is not just an award; it’s a recognition of an organisation that embodies a holistic approach to success. This accolade focuses on the well-being of athletes, coaches, and staff, encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and cultural health. Winning this award aligns perfectly with our long-held belief: success in sports goes beyond medals and titles; it’s about nurturing the entire archery community.

Our Journey of Resilience and Commitment

Our journey over the past two decades has been challenging yet incredibly rewarding. Despite not securing major titles since the early 2000s, we never wavered from our mission to support the overall well-being of our members. This approach has not only sustained us through the years but has now earned us esteemed recognition.

The Impact of the Win Well Award

This award is more than just a trophy on our shelf. It validates our dedication to holistic development and sets a new benchmark in high-performance sports. It encourages organisations to redefine success, emphasizing that long-term achievement in sports is intrinsically linked to the well-being of those involved.

Looking Ahead with Renewed Vigor

With this recognition, we are more motivated than ever to enhance our programs and maintain our commitment to excellence, with the well-being of our community as our guiding principle. As we look towards the 2032 Olympic Games, this award boosts our morale and positions us favorably in the global arena.

Inspiring a Nation

Our achievement is a beacon of hope and inspiration, not just for us but for sports organisations across Australia and beyond. We have demonstrated that balancing excellence with well-being is not only possible but also the key to sustainable success in high-performance sports.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to each one of you – our athletes, coaches, staff, and supporters. Your dedication, passion, and unwavering spirit have been the driving force behind this remarkable achievement. Together, we have redefined success and set a new standard in the world of sports.

Let’s continue to aim high, embrace our journey, and win well!

Warm regards,

Archery Australia