World Archery Rule Clarification

World Archery Rule Clarification. World Archery has identified a recent trend in archery competitions where an archer’s technique, either during draw or release, allows part of their equipment or their body to enter the allocated space of another archer. To overcome this problem World Archery recently clarified the current shooting rule. Depending upon the size of a venue the Organising Committee will allocate a space to each competitor on the shooting line. This space is generally an imaginary area with a minimum width, for target and indoor events the minimum width is 80cm. Due to an archers shooting technique if an archer is seen to allow either their equipment or part of their body to enter into another competitor’s space, they will receive a warning from a Judge and shall be requested to modify their technique. If the archer persists with their technique the Judge has the authority to disqualify the competitor from the tournament. It is each person’s responsibility to ensure they do not interfere or disturb another archer while shooting. This rule flows onto all World Archery registered tournaments and Archery Australia calendar tournaments including QREs.