Trans Tasman Challenge Nominations Close

At the close of nominations for the Trans Tasman Challenge Archery Australia has received the following nominations. Should you feel that there are any errors or omissions in the following list please email to notify us of the error. First Name Family Name RGB Age Category Ella Hugo NSW 20&Under Women Compound Emily Sutton SQAS 20&Under Women Compound Chloe Grabs SQAS 20&Under Women Recurve Jess Greenstein NSW 20&Under Women Recurve Joshua Carroll SQAS 20&Under Men Compound Cameron Maxworthy NSW 20&Under Men Compound Matt Tonowicz NSW 20&Under Men Compound Alec Potts Vic 20&Under Men Recurve Nicholas Rowe WA 20&Under Men Recurve Tomas Wray WA 20&Under Men Recurve Gabby Dale SQAS Cadet Women Compound Madeliene Salvestro ACT Cadet Women Compound Dana Biondo ACT Cadet Women Recurve Belinda Maxworthy NSW Cadet Women Recurve Laura Salter NSW Cadet Women Recurve Jessica Sutton SQAS Cadet Women Recurve Simon Bold VIC Cadet Men Compound Anthony Carroll SQAS Cadet Men Compound Sean Pianca NSW Cadet Men Compound Jarrod Rossiter ACT Cadet Men Compound Jacob Blackburn Vic Cadet Men Recurve Scott Jeffries WA Cadet Men Recurve Kynan Schilling SQAS Cadet Men Recurve Nicholas Turner SQAS Cadet Men Recurve Kane Wilson NSW Cadet Men Recurve Charlie Magarey SA Cadet Men Recurve Madeleine McSwain Vic Cub Girl Compound Emma Nolan WA Cub Girl Recurve Emilia Paton SQAS Cub Girl Recurve Joshua Allen TAS Cub Boy Compound Haydn Crampton NSW Cub Boy Compound Harri Howden VIC Cub Boy Compound Joseph Weyer SQAS Cub Boy Recurve Madeline Boyle NSW Intermediate Girl Compound Niamh Jones VIC Intermediate Girl Compound Georgia Aslanidis NSW Intermediate Girl Recurve Ella Byrne SQAS Intermediate Girl Recurve Natalie Duncan WA Intermediate Girl Recurve Kate Goodridge SQAS Intermediate Girl Recurve Clare Reuther SA Intermediate Girl Recurve Liam Boyle WA Intermediate Boy Compound Tristan Cargill SQAS Intermediate Boy Compound Joshua Hopkins NSW Intermediate Boy Compound Callan Ineson SA Intermediate Boy Compound Jarrod Wilson NSW Intermediate Boy Compound Carmelo Aslandis NSW Intermediate Boy Recurve Ben Hayden SQAS Intermediate Boy Recurve Sean McCulloch SA Intermediate Boy Recurve