2016 TRANSPLANT GAMES Penrith City Archers with the support of ArcheryNSW and Archery Australia conducted the Archery event for the 2016 Transplant Games on Monday evening 26th September. There were 29 competitors many of whom had never shot a bow before, so the program was a short introduction and training session followed by competition 15 arrows at 10m. Jonathon Milne also attended and was swamped with questions on his Paralympic experience. Jonathon also kindly presented the medals. Steve Jennison President of ArcheryNSW commented that Archery NSW with the support of Archery Australia are committed to exposing and providing a positive archery experience  to as many people and community groups as possible. The next Transplant Game swill be held in 2018 although the final venue is to be determined. MORE INFORMATION ON THE TRANSPLANT GAMES