2014 YOG Qualifying Tournament

2014 Youth Olympic Games The 2014 Youth Olympic Games will be conducted in Nanjing China from the 16th- 28th August 2014. The International Olympic Committee has imposed a maximum limit per nation of 70 athletes, from individual sports like Archery there is a maximum of two teams (one male and one female) for each country. There are 3 events in the Archery competition in the Youth Olympic Games:  Men’s Individual, Women’s Individual and Mixed Team. The Mixed Teams consists of 2 athletes of different gender and teamed up according to the ranking of each gender in the Ranking Round – they may be from different or the same country. 32 athletes will compete in the Men’s Individual event. 32 athletes will compete in the Women’s Individual event. All 64 athletes will compete in the Mixed Team event. A maximum of 1 male athlete and 1 female athlete may be entered by the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) to compete in the Archery competition. he level of competition at Youth Olympic Games is very high. As such the expectation and qualification scores are reflectively high. The first step in qualification for Australia was the 2013 World Youth Archery Championships. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in obtaining any spots at the World Youth Championships so the second and final step will be the Oceania CQT. We have just been advised that the Oceania CQT will be conducted in New Zealand in February. Unfortunately we have been given very short notice and while the final selection document is with the Australian Olympic Committee for approval we are releasing the qualification criteria to compete in the Oceania CQT. Athlete numbers are limited to 1 male and 1 Female and age and eligibility requirements are very strict. Athletes shall be required to meet the following event eligibility to be considered for selection: (1)            Born in 1997, 1998 or 1999 (2)            Be an Australian Citizen; (3)            Be a registered member of Archery Australia (AA); (4)            Meet and continue to observe the eligibility requirements for Australian competitors described in the Olympic Charter; CLICK HERE FOR A COPY OF THE Oceania CQT Qualifying Criteria