2012 National Indoor Championships

2012 National Indoor Championships The Archery Australia Board has decided to introduce on a trial basis in addition to the FITA (World Archery) Round (60 arrows at 18m) a Las Vegas style round for the 2012 National Indoor Championships (2 x 30arrows at 18m). This will offer competitors two different rounds providing extra competition and diversity. The so called Las Vegas style round is very close to the current Australian Indoor Round so it was decided to enhance and modify where necessary the current rules for this round to bring them into line with how the round is shot in Las Vegas and many other major international events. This required very few changes, mainly relating to arrow size, target butt allocation and tie breaking. The rules shall be –  10.1.3 Australian Indoor Rounds   For the Australian Indoor Rounds management procedures will follow World Archery Indoor Rounds rules (refer to Wold Archery rules) with the following exceptions.   1. All divisions will score using the ten scoring zone, X?s will be countered and used for tie breaking purposes only.   2. The maximum arrow diameter is 10.72mm (.0422?) or 27/64?.   3. Athletes will be allocated to a target butt but they can choose if they wish to initially shoot left or right or top and bottom.   4. The athletes on the lower faces will always shoot first.   5. After 5 ends (15 arrows) have been shot athletes will change their target faces from top to bottom and bottom to top.   6. Only single or triple (triangle faces) will be used, athletes shall choose which face they wish to use.   7. There will be no equipment inspection unless a Judge has concerns any athlete?s equipment does not comply with the rules.   8. Ties will be determined firstly by a count of tens followed by a count of X?s.    If still a tie and a double round has shot the tens and than X?s will be used from the first round of 30 arrows. If still a tie the tens and than X?s will be used from first scoring end, this process will continue until the tie is broken. After all ends for the round/s has been examined and it is still a tie the final place will be declared a tie.   9. The changing of target faces will be at the competitors? discretion.   10. Practice shall be for 20 minutes with no break prior to the start of scoring.   Archery Australia Shooting Rules Chapter 10