2011 Olympic Test Event

 2011 Olympic Games Test Event The following applications along with the required MQS were received by the 1st September 2011 from the following athletes. Based on scores submitted these people were ranked as follows -Rankings as at 01/9/2011        Men Recurve                       Average      Total    1st Taylor Worth       667.5     1335   2nd Matt Gray   663.5    1327     3rd Ryan Tyack   662.5   1325   4th Sky Kim   661   1322   5th Mathew Masonwells     658.5   1317   6th Jesse McDonald   655.5  1311              Women Recurve                  Average      Total                1st Deonne Bridger            639     1278     2nd Alice Ingley   633.5     1267 The two MQS scores were added together as well as averaged, the athletes were then ranked based on these scores, as was detailed in the information documentation that was distributed some months ago.  The top three ranked men and top two ranked women will compete in the 2011 Olympic Test Event to be held in London.All of the people listed above have also qualified for the Shadow Team for the 2012 Olymic Games. Any other persons wishing to try for Olympic Team selection have until 31st October 2011 to shoot the required Shadow Team MQS. It should be noted that to date, two of the people listed above have shot the required 2 x MQS to qualify for the Olympic Games Nomination Event  to be held in March 2012. Five of the other people have shot one Olympic Games Nomination Event MQS. People wishing to try for the Olympic Games Nomination Event other than being a member of the Shadow Team must also have shot the Nomination Event MQS and this can be done up until 18th March 2012.