NEWS FLASH   Archery Australia High Performance Athlete Training Camps The Archery Australia High Performance Program is planning two Athlete Training Camps for Recurve Archery in January and February 2013 as follows;   Athlete Camp 1. Venue: Canberra at AIS Archery Facility Dates: Saturday 19 to Sunday 27 January 2013   Athlete Camp 2. Venue: Brisbane in Queensland, Facility TBC Dates: Saturday 16 February to Sunday 24 February 2013 Athlete Selection Criteria The Athlete Training Camps will cater for a maximum size of 10 female and 10 male archers. Selection will be as follows: Invitation to all 2012 shadow Olympic team archers By application from archers with the highest score on the National Ranking List from January to December 2012 Athlete Application Process   Please complete the attached Athlete Application form and return to the HP Administrator Leesa Moss on email leesylou11@hotmail.com, or post to: Attn Leesa Moss Archery Australia 4/39 Elgin Street Alderley Qld 4051 Note: You need to identify on the athlete application form if you wish to attend one or both of the athlete training camps, and if one camp which camp you are applying for. COST The athlete support for the high performance training camps is in line with the Athlete Tier System (see attached). This criteria is in line with the ASC/AIS Australia’s Winning Edge strategy for National Sporting Organisations for 2013 onwards.   Please see attached Athlete Tier System The approximate cost of each training camp is $1000 per athlete. The contribution a selected athlete will need to pay prior to the camp is in line with the Tier athlete they are (see Athlete Tier System attached). If you are a Tier 3 athlete you will be required to pay $400 and the high performance program will fund you $600 towards camp expenditure. Any questions please email (Lcwarhurst@gmail.com) or phone (M 0417 477 687) the Archery Australia High Performance Manager Lucy Warhurst.   Head Coach Details We are please to advise that Mr Hyung Tak Kim international recognised Coach and Director of the Coach Kim Archery School www.archeryschool.com http://www.archeryschool.com/> http://www.archeryschool.com http://www.archeryschool.com/> > will be leading the Athlete training Camps. He will also be conducting the 2 day Coaching Development Seminars in conjunction with the Athlete Training Camps.   Coach Kim acted as the Consultant Coach for the 2012 Archery Australia Olympic Shadow squad.       Lucy Warhurst High Performance Manager Archery Australia M: +61 (0)417 477 687 lcwarhurst@gmail.com archeryhpm@bigpond.com