Para-Archery National Level Classifier Course

Archery Australia is seeking at least six new National Classifiers to join our Para-Archery Classification Panel. Our aim is to have at least one classifier available in each capital city

What’s Needed

Those interested in becoming a National Classifier must be a registered doctor or physiotherapist. They will need to participate in and complete the online World Archery National Classifiers Course over two days (four hours each day) and attend the 2022 Australian Para Nationals &World Archery Oceania Invitational for your final assessment and accreditation.


All costs associated with your accreditation will be covered by Archery Australia including all travel, accommodation, and meals during your final assessment.

The benefits of being a National Classifier include:

  • Working with a small, dedicated team of archery classifiers
  • Participate in providing Provisional Classification for para-athletes starting their archery journey
  • The enjoyment of working with a great group within our archery community
  • Participate in National Classification days around Australia
  • Begin your journey on the pathway to become an International Archery Classifier

Register here.

Key Dates

19 – 20 March: WA Online National Classifiers Course

1 – 2 April: 2022 Australian Para Nationals & World Archery Oceania Invitational (Waverley City Archers, Freeway Reserve, Mulgrave, VIC)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Para-Archery Classifier?

Para-Archery Classifiers are trained and certified officials. They assess athletes to determine their classification status and sport class status in accordance with the classification rules defined by World Archery. Classifiers are trained and certified by World Archery and work in a voluntary capacity at a state, national and can train to acquire international level.

What is a Para-Archery Classification?

The competitor’s impairments are assessed to establish their eligibility and classification profile. People with similar functional abilities are grouped into competition classes. The classes range from W1 for the most severely impaired, to Open for the least impaired. The competition within each Grades class can therefore be judged on the skill of the individual competitor, regardless of the competitor’s disability. Classifiers also assess an athlete’s need for assistive devices and the eligibility of those devices.

What is involved in becoming an accredited Classifier?

Step 1: You must be a registered Medical Practitioner or Physiotherapist and preferably understand the sport of archery, this however is not a prerequisite.

Step 2: Register online for the Para-Archery National Classifier Course on the link above

Step 3: Attend the Para-Archery National Classifier Course conducted by a World Archery’s International Para-Archery Classifiers – Nancy Littke and Megan Tierney. The course involves online and practical session assessments.