Inaugural Pathways/AARDP Coach Symposium

Archery Australia (AA) are excited to announce its first ever Coach Symposium for Pathways and AARDP (Archery Australia Regional Development Program) level coaches to occur in December of this year.

About the Symposium

The daylong online coach development session will be led by AA’s HP team and will see approximately 30 coaches from across the country, who all work with Pathway’s athletes or in the AARDP , take part.

The symposium is part of the national re-shaping of the AARDP program and the development of this key group of coaches. The AARDP coaches work with around 100 archers’ nationwide where their work is supported by a partnership between AA and their RGB. Programs typically run sessions on a monthly or bimonthly basis and despite the COVID issues this year, have held some great sessions, nationwide.

Information Session Details

The Symposium will see sessions with our Lead Psychologist (Richard Fryer), Athlete Welfare and Engagement specialist (Pippa Temperley), National Compound Manager (Dr James Park) and Paralympics Australia Skill Acquisition specialists with our National Para Head Coach Ricci Cheah. Coaches in the AARDP program will also deliver case studies and storytelling sessions with the focus of the day being on connecting the group of coaches and introducing modern coaching themes.

Moderator for the symposium, National AARDP Lead and AA Pathways Manager, Robert Turner is “so excited to see the Symposium take place. There has been a good growth in the program this year and this work continues the Coordinator and Coach meetings that have taken place this year. It has been great to see the whole network take this on so well and I hope the coaches enjoy the day”

For more information on the AARDP program or if you are wishing to get involved in the program, please be sure to look at the AARDP section and contact the Pathways Manager or AARDP Coordinator for your RGB if you have any questions.