2021 Selection & Nomination Policy Amendments

The continuing uncertainty around state border closures and the potential cancellation/postponement of various selection events in 2021, means amendments will be required for several selection/nomination policies already in place.

The postponement/cancellation of the 2021 Australian Open and 2021 Oceania Championships have already directly affected our policies.

2021 World Archery Events –Selection Policy, October 2020

2021 World Cup 1, Guatemala –Archery Australia will not be entering any teams in this event due to the health risks, difficulty in securing guaranteed flights, uncertainty about re-entry into Australia and the cost of quarantine on return.

A decision on participation in WC2, WC3 and all other World Archery events covered by this policy will be made closer to each of the events.

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Nomination Criteria Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games –Archery, October 2020

The cancellation of the 2021 Oceania Championships requires an amendment to the Olympic Nomination Criteria approved in October 2020. As soon as advice is received from World Archery about the process of allocating the single Womens quota available to Oceania, the nomination document will be amended and published.

Australia will not be considered for any more Mens quotas as we already have the maximum of 3 available to us.

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Nomination Criteria 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games –Archery, August 2020

Currently there are no changes required for the 2020 Paralympic Games nomination policy, however Archery Australia is continuing to work with World Archery to clarify any alternate plans WA may have for the allocation of quotas should the Para Archery Final Qualifying Event in Czech Republic be cancelled.

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2021 World Archery Championships Recurve and Compound Selection Criteria’s, October 2020

The postponement of the 2021 Australian Open means a change to the selection process for this event is now necessary. The date for registering your interest and achieving the required MQS’s to be considered for selection in the team for the 2021 WAC has been extended to Sunday 28 February 2021.

If insufficient registrations are received to justify the running of a 2021 WAC Trial or registered athletes are unable to travel to the 2021 WAC Trial due to extenuating circumstances, the High Performance Committee will base selection on all other criteria in the selection document published October 2020, both objective and subjective.

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2021 World University Games –Nomination Policy, November 2020

Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) are now called for from any athletes eligible for selection in the 2021 UniRoos team. Athletes are encouraged to submit their EOI prior to achieving the expected MQS’s and the final date to achieve the published qualification scores is Sunday 21 March 2021.

Any athletes who have already submitted EOI’s do not have to submit a second one.

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