National Indoor Championships Manual

The 2022 National Indoor Championships will be conducted in conjunction with local Indoor Tournaments usually Regional Governing Bodies (RGB) Indoor Championships.

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RGB may use multiple venues; each venue must be registered with Archery Australia.

Date: Will be run over the weekend of 9th and 10th July 2022.

Rounds Shot

All competitors, including arbalists, will shoot :

  • Double Australian Indoor Round 18m (Vegas style) (2 x 30 arrow rounds)
  • Single World Archery Indoor 18m round (60 arrows)

NOTE – The Double Australia Indoor Round will be shot first. The total score will be out of 1200 for each competitor.


6th June 2022 – Organising Committee to provide Archery Australia at

  •  Organising Committee contact details
  • Venue Details
  • Copy of local entry form and/or link to Online Entry Form

14th June 2022 – Organisers will be provided with assistance from the IT Committee to set up the event in Archers Diary.

30th June 2022 – Individual entries as well as Open and RGB team entries close. Changes to Open and RGB teams may be made up until midnight 6th July 2021.
9–10 July 2022 – Conduct event and enter results. The use of multiple computers, to enable fast and efficient processing of results is recommended.
22nd July 2022 – A scanned copy of the original scorecard to arrive Archery Australia Office