Australia gains two positions for the London Olympic Games.

AUSTRALIA GAINS TWO POSITIONS FOR THE LONDON OLYMPIC GAMES At the Olympic Qualifying Tournament conducted in New Zealand over the 1st and 2nd January 2012 Archery Australia members gained the two individual quota positions. This gives Australia the two possible individual positions (1 male and 1 female) available to each country that does not gain a team position. The next opportunity to gain more positions will be the Final Team Qualifying Tournament (FTQT) to be conducted in Ogden Utah USA in June 2012. There are 3 team positions remaining for Olympic selection,  gaining one of these three positions will give three individual positons as well as a team position.  Therefore, Australia will have either 1 or 3 men and women attending the 2012 London Olympics. The next step is for Shadow Team Members to shoot the required MQS scores to compete in the Nomination Event which will form part of the 2012 National Championships.  the Nomination Event is to select the Australian Recurve Team to compete in the 2012 International season including part of selection for nomination to the 2012 London Olympics. Final placing at the Olympic Qualifying Tournament were:- Men Recurve 1st Ryan Tycack2nd Taylor Worth3rd Matt Gray Women Recurve 1st Elisa Barnard2nd Alice Ingley3rd Odette Snazelle Regards Jim Larven