Archery Australia Newsletter – Archers Diary Update

Archery Australia Newsletter – Archers Diary Update

Important information regarding Archers Diary & iScored

Major update for

We would like to announce a major update to the application.

While the application will continue to have a similar look and feel to the application you are using today, this new release is a complete rebuild from the ground up. This was required to update the underlying platform to the latest in current web technologies.

Included in this new release are a few new features:

  • Login with QR code: This will mostly be utilised at major events but is available to all clubs who wish to use it. This allows the event coordinator to print out a sheet with basic Event information, and a QR code. This QR code can now be scanned using the application; which will auto-populate the Login page with the correct Event selection and passcode.
  • Data pausing: While the application uses very little data over the course of scoring for the Event (around 1MB), it is now possible to click on the Globe symbol to pause the uploading of scores until the end of the Event. If this feature is used, live monitoring of the scores via Archers Diary is not possible, as the scores are not being uploaded to the system.
  • Summary page after scoring has completed: Once all scores have been entered for a round, a new Summary page is presented after this to provide archers an overview of their scores.

This new page includes the following information:

  • Score
  • Previous best for Round – the best score you have previously shot for this round
  • Rating – plus an indication if this has improved your handicap
  • Checks the Records database at National, State and Club levels.
  • System will indicate if the score shot is a potential record. The appropriate processes still need to be followed to submit the score for consideration.
  • Moving to the HTTPS (secure/encrypted) communication protocol. While the current version has supported https, with this latest release it is essential that the application runs over the https protocol.


Important Action required by ALL iScored users

(Please note – This needs to be done on or after the 25/08/2020)

Because of the nature of the underlying changes to both the platform and the communication protocols, it will be necessary for all users to uninstall and reinstall the application to their devices.

Failure to do so may cause unpredictable results during the use of the application. In particular, loss of connection to the network may result in an inability to continue to score unless the appropriate steps are taken.

Please click here for a reminder of the steps needed to install the application.

Along with new update, it is a requirement that all archers remove the existing application from their phone and re-install the new version. Failure to do so may result in unexpected failures. This must be done either on or after the 25/8/2020


Action required:

  • Uninstall the current version of iScored today from all devices, even if the update appears to have installed automatically
  • Reinstall the application from the secure link at:

For iOS devices, you must use the Safari browser and add the link to the Home Screen

For Android devices, you must use the Chrome browser and add the link to the Home Screen


Updates for

At the same time as we release the update to, we have a new version of

The new version includes two new features:

  • QR Codes: the ability to generate and print a QR code to simplify the login process at events. This is mainly targeted at larger events, but can be used by Clubs, if desired.
  • Record Management: National and State Recorders will be able to manage the Archers Diary records using the application.

Clubs will be granted access to this feature in a future update.

  • Associate Membership: This feature has been available for a while, but is being officially released with this version. This allows clubs to add members who are affiliated with AA with other clubs to be added to the member list of their club as an associate.

The associates have all the same rights as regular members (earn awards, hold records at the club), but the club recorder will not be able to alter the primary membership record.

Refer to the online help for additional information about these features.

Archery Australia

IT Committee


OZBow Offer for Clubs

As part of Archery Australia’s push to get Archery back into the community, we will be offering a free OZBow Kit to any club that wants one, we have 25 to give away, with a maximum one kit per club.

The OzBow Program is designed as a Step by Step performance and reward based program for new members irrespective of age, gender or equipment they are shooting. The program is intended to expose members to social competition and allow them to develop their skills before they join main stream archery activities.

Please email if your club would like to receive a kit.

For more information on the OZBow Kit please CLICK HERE