Archery Australia Board News – December 2020

Archery Australia Board News – December 2020

Archery Australia Board

We’d like to introduce you to the Board Members of Archery Australia:

Sue Gliddon (President),

Brian Hagaman (Vice President)

Melissa Mongan

Andrew Fluck

Stuart Russell

Aaron Elbourne

A profile of the new Board members will appear on the Archery Australia website over the coming weeks.


COVID-19 Update

We hope members are faring well in these trying COVID times and are now able to start to return to more normal archery at your club, our focus      always will be keeping members safe and that will determine our actions and decisions.

The National Ranking List will be unfrozen from the 1st January 2021, we appreciated everyone cooperation during this period.


Strategic Plan

Archery Australia’s current Strategic Plan runs from 2017-2021, over the next 6 months we will be engaging with all of our stakeholders as we start to pull together a new strategic plan that will help drive the development of Archery across Australia


Committee Structure

Archery Australia is currently reviewing our committee structure and a further announcement will be made in early 2021. We are incredibly grateful for the amount of time and work those on the committee devote to our sport and we are looking at ways that we can improve the process and structure and assist everyone involved.


Athlete Committee

An Archery Australia Athlete’s Committee has been established to provide an avenue for collated athlete feedback to the CEO, and subsequently the board, on a routine basis. The committee will provide the Archery Australia CEO and Board with an up to date understanding of athlete views and offer ideas in areas directly related to athlete participation. Additionally, the committee will provide opportunities for leadership experience and knowledge retention of high standing Archery athletes.

After a Nomination and selection process, Archery Australia is delighted to announce the newly formed Athlete Committee’s Members are:

Alice Ingley

Astin Darcy

Chloe Grabs

Dawn Nelson-Furnell

Pat Coghlan

Pete Marchant

Ryan Tyack


National Squads 2021

Following an Expression of interest and selection process, the 2021 National Para and Recurve Squad Members have been endorsed by the Board.

Information on the 2021 National Compound Squad will be released soon.

The Selected Squads are:

National Para Squad (8)

T1 – Jonathon Milne (NSW) and Peter Marchant (NSW)

T2 – Marek Steiner (NSW), Taymon Kenton-Smith (QLD), Ameera Lee (NSW), Craig McMurdo (WA), Imalia Oktrininda (NSW) and Garry Robinson (NSW)

National Para Development Squad (2)

Kevin Faulkner (TAS) and Melissa Toyne (VIC)

National Squad (7)

T1 – David Barnes (SA), Ryan Tyack (QLD) and Taylor Worth (QLD)

T2 – Astin Darcy (ACT), Alice Ingley (QLD), Laura Paeglis (VIC) and Melissa Spinocchia (NSW)

National Development Squad (5)

Sarah Haywood (TAS), Kim Lavender (NSW), Markus Kuhrau (VIC), Nic Kyriazis (NSW) and Peter Boukouvalas (NSW)

National Youth Squad (6)

Emma Nolan (WA), Jaymie Wood (QLD), Eddie Upston (NSW), Imogen Grzemski (VIC), Giorgio Vasiliades (NSW) and Ammrutha Vashetharan (NSW)

Paris24 Pathways Squad (11)

Emma Nolan (WA), Sarah Haywood (TAS), Jaymie Wood (QLD), Laura Paeglis (VIC), Imogen Grzemski (VIC), Peter Boukouvalas (NSW), Markus Kuhrau (VIC), Eddie Upston (NSW), Nic Kyriazis (NSW), Maddie Boyle (VIC) and James Gaze (VIC)

Paris 24 Para Pathways Squad (9)

Melissa Toyne (VIC), Wenda Shurety (QLD), Craig McMurdo (WA), Taymon Kenton-Smith (QLD), Kieran Dinnerville (QLD), Chris Davis (QLD), Thomas Holland (QLD), Anas Helmy (NSW) and Kevin Faulkner (TAS).