ARCHERS DIARY UPDATE The Archery Australia IT Committee is pleased to announce the release of a new version of Manage.Iscored.Today   This will simplify the setting up and running of events either prior to or at the venue and works along with Iscored.Today and Club Manager to allow Clubs to have the freedom to setup and run events quickly and easily and however they wish. manage.iscored 2.0 Works with all modern devices: iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows. Companion application designed for “in the field” event management In July 2016, Archery Australia released a brand new application ( using the latest in web-based technologies to deliver a single application, which can be used for both online and offline use. manage.iscored is the companion application to assist with the management of archery events. It is designed, primarily, to be used on mobile devices (phones and tablets), but can also be used on a desktop computer. In addition to the many features offered by the original manage.iscored application, we have introduced several new features to assist with event management: Clone Events: with this feature, you can create a copy of an existing event. All Flights and Scoring Groups are copied across, along with all relevant settings. No archers are copied Auto-Lock scores: Archers using the application will be prevented from updating scores 5 minutes are their last end is recorded. Recorder Password: this is a system-generated password, which can be supplied to event support staff to assist with score entry and correction. The Recorder password can correct scores after the auto-lock timeout. Flight Password: it is now possible to apply a different password to each flight. If a flight password is not supplied, the Event password is used. Lock Default Round: when checked, archers registering via will not be able to change the selected round for the flight. Default Settings: the default values for a number of items in the Event and Flight pages can be set. When creating a new Event or Flight, manage.iscored will use these default values. Handicap Import: when a flight is a handicap flight, the handicaps for all of the archers registered in the flight can be imported. Scoring: manage.iscored now has full support for scoring. Arrow-by-arrow, Range Totals and Round totals are all available. manage.iscored is available to all existing Club Recorders. To access the application, navigate to and enter your Club Manager credentials. manage.iscored requires a permanent connection to the Internet. It cannot be used offline.  Help and support on using the software can be found at the Archers Diary help index, or specifically at the location below.