A HARD LESSON LEARNED For years Archery Australia has been stressing to everyone the importance of ensuring your scorecards are correct, checked and fully completed before signing and handing in. What you sign for is what you will be receive, as the paper scorecard is the only official scorecard. Yesterday at the 2015 World Championships in Copenhagen this came home with a big impact to three archers; even the best can get it wrong. The three scorecards were signed but not one checked the totals; they did not match the electronic results. Reo Wilde signed for 100 points less than he actually shot and, as such, he went from 4th place to 114th place. This placing eliminated Reo from the competition and has sent him home. Also this error has seen the US team out of the Team event. The US Team appealed but, of course, the appeal failed as the Rules are clear. Jim Larven