2018 World Field Day 3 Update

2018 WORLD FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS – DAY 3 DAY 3 – MARKED ROUND All three Archery Australia team members through to the Elimination Round. Ben Howell Junior Male Recurve 12th Place – Score 583 Anna Walls Junior Female Compound 9th Place Score 738 Mick Fisher Male Barebow 8th Place – Score 649 HOW IS THE WORLD FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS SHOT? The Qualification Round, two Field Rounds each of 24 targets, one unmarked course to be shot on the first day of competition and one marked to be shot on the second day of competition;   The Qualification Round is followed by the Elimination Round which consists of the pool shoot-up process.   Athletes ranked in position 1 and 2 will automatically take a place in the semi-final. Athletes 3-22 will form 4 pools of 5 athletes and shoot for the remaining 2 semi-final positions,   Who is in pool? Ranking is from Qualification Round   Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D 3 5 4 6 10 8 9 7 11 13 12 14 18 16 17 15 19 21 20 22   The first match in each pool will be between the two lowest ranked archers in the pool.   The archer with the highest score at the end of the six targets progresses to the next round.   That archer will shoot against the next athlete in the pool.   The next step will see the winner of Pool A shoot against the winner of Pool B and the winner of Pool C will shoot against the winner of Pool D for entry into the semi-finals.   Elimination matches will consist of 6 targets.   Distances will be marked.   Athletes will shoot simultaneously.   If there are fewer than 22 athletes, all will progress to the elimination and pools will be filled with all the eligible athletes.   The Finals Rounds in which the four top athletes shoot two matches (the semi-finals and the medal finals) consisting of four marked targets each, three arrows per target.