2014 Alice Springs Masters Games

2014 ALICE SPRINGS MASTERS GAMES The Dead Centre Bowhunters Archery Club extends a warm invitation to all members of Archery Australia to attend:  Yes, archery is part of the 2014 Alice Springs Master Games, and all archers are most welcome to attend!   Our club, camping area, and ranges are set in one of the most picturesque pieces of country close to Alice Springs.  The IFAA field archery round, with marked distances ranging from 10 to 80 yards over 28 different target lanes, particularly complements the World Archery event the day after.  Events: • ABA 20 target 3 arrow/1 arrow paper round: Sunday 12th October & Monday 13th October • IFAA 28 target paper round marked distances: Tuesday 14th October & Wednesday 15th October •     WA 60/900 round: Thursday 16th October • ABA 3D 20 target round: Friday 17th October & Saturday 18th October  Age Categories:  35 – 45    46 – 55    56 – 65    66 – 75    76+ Classes:  Longbow;  recurve – sighted; recurve – unsighted;  compound – sighted;  compound – unsighted. Accommodation: Options include backpacker hostels to international hotels, all within minutes of the town centre.  The Dead Centre Bowhunters Club is 15km from town and offers on-site camping with flushing toilets and bush showers.  Breakfasts and lunches will be available for purchase. Much more: There’s so much more you’ll get for your Alice Springs Masters Games, including the hugely entertaining Opening and Closing Ceremony, your very own Alice Springs Masters Games competitor’s pack and the camaraderie and friendships! This is a holiday like no other. Registering; what’s the cost?   1 Event $45.00pp, 2 Events $80.00pp, 3 Events $105.00pp, 4 Events $120.00pp  PLUS the games fee of $70 (this is a one off fee regardless of how many sports you participate).  To register, visit the website www.alicespringsmastersgames.com.au  Web: alicespringsmastersgames.com.au Twitter: twitter.com/friendly_games Facebook: facebook.com/alicespringsmastersgames Phone: 1800 658 951 Email:  archery@alicespringsmastersgames.com.au Hoping to catch up with you in Alice Springs, John Childs and Darryl ‘Wally’ Wakefield Dead Centre Bowhunters Club