2013 National Youth Championships

2013 YOUTH NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS DATES 30th June 2013 to 6 July 2013 VENUE TARGET/FIELD/MATCHPLAY Mount Petrie Bowman 1485 Old Cleveland Rd, Belmont  CLOUT The Grange Company of Target Archers     Mt Samson Rd  Samford PROPOSED PROGRAM Sunday 30th June – Official Practice and Opening Ceremony Monday 1st July – TargetTuesday 2nd July – TargetWednesday 3rd July – MatchplayThursday 4th July – CloutFriday 5th July – FieldSaturday 6th July – Field and Dinner NOTE – Program may be changed following close of entries.        SCHOOL HOLIDAYS Queensland 22nd June to 7th July New South Wales 29th June to 14th July Western Australia 6th July to 21st July  Victoria 29th June to 14th July South Australia 6th July to 21st July ACT 6th July to 21st July Tasmania 1st June to 16th June