2012 Board Election

2012 Archery Australia Inc Board Elections   In view of the pending retirement from the Archery Australia Board of John Chaplin and Bruce Lang on the 1st November 2012, nominations are formally called for these two (2) positions. The two (2) positions will be elected for a term of 4 years commencing on the 1st November 2012.   The key functions and accountabilities of the Board of Directors shall be:   ?  To set the strategic direction, policies and priorities for ongoing development of the sport in consultation with key stakeholders.   ? To develop and approve policy for the efficient governance and administration of the sport.    ? To oversee the development and implementation of standards for the conduct and development of the sport.    ? To facilitate the development of budgets and monitor the financial performance of the organisation.   ? To monitor and assess risks and implement policies and procedures to minimise that risk.    ? To facilitate the running and conduct of National and International tournaments, including the selection of national and international representatives and teams.   ? To establish such Committees or Working Groups as are necessary to progress the development of the sport and the establishment of standards and programs.   ? To remain up to date with the concerns and expectation of the stakeholders.    ? To provide reports to all stakeholders on the development of the sport and implementation of the strategic plan.    ? To appoint the Chief Executive Officer and to monitor and evaluate his/her performance.    ? To provide advice and guidance to the Chief Executive Officer, and to support the Chief Executive Officer in the implementation of policy and standards.   ? To facilitate the development and implementation of Tournament and Shooting Rules for the safe conduct of the sport.   ? To report all decisions of the Board to the Recognised Governing Bodies within three (3) weeks of the decision being made.   ? To ensure a member of the Board who is interested in any contract or arrangement made or proposed to be made with Archery Australia Inc. to disclose their interest at the first meeting or communication of the Board at which the contract or arrangement is first taken into consideration.   ? To ensure that no member of the Board votes as a member of the Board or Committee in respect of any contract or arrangement in which they are interested. If they do so vote then their vote shall not be counted.   ? To ensure that Archery Australia Inc. only acts within the scope of the powers defined in the Constitution and that any requirements of Archery Australia Inc Constitution and Rules of the Constitution have been followed.   Nominations must be submitted on the nomination form which may be accompanied by a statement of such details as the candidate considers appropriate, but comprising not more than two (2) A4 pages.   Nominations must be received by the Chief Executive Officer no later than 5pm (EST) on the 31st July 2012.      Nominations to be sent to – Archery Australia Inc                                     P. O.  Box 54 Panania NSW 2213                                       Email info@archery.org.au                                     Fax 02 9772 2749      Regards   Jim Larven Archery Australia Inc  Chief Executive Officer   MORE INFORMATION