2011 World Youth Target Championships

2011 World Youth Championships THREE MEDALS TO AUSTRALIA   Ryan Tyack – Junior Men Recurve – SILVER   Jess Gale – Junior Male Compound – BRONZE   Ella Hugo – Cadet Women Compound – BRONZE     Information from the World Archery (FITA) website   Gold – Ryan TYACK (AUS/12) v SUNG Wookyeong (KOR/2)   TYACK is the 2006 individual cadet world champion and the 2008 junior team world champion. The Australian started the match well with 9-9-10, while the Korean was not perfect with 10-8-9. First set and 2-0 for TYACK.  Both archers shot an identical second set: 9-10-9. TYACK led 3-1 in set points. SUNG found his rhythm in the third set with another 10-9-9, while TYACK was not so consistent anymore (8-8-9). SUNG came back to tie at 3-3. SUNG turned it up a notch in the fourth set: 10-10-10! With 10-8-9 TYACK could only concede this set and the lead, 3-5. In the last set, TYACK started with a 10! SUNG scored a 9. The Australian had a 9. The Korean got a 10. Tied set provisionally. TYACK scored a last 10! SUNG needed to equal it to win the match. Anything less and the match would go to a one-arrow only shoot-off, closest to centre, where anything could happen. What suspense! SUNG drew his bow and scored THE 10. He tied the set (10-9-10 to 9-10-10) to win the match 6-4! SUNG became the double individual and team world champion from Ogden 2009 AND Legnica 2011!   Bronze – Mike SCHLOESSER (NED/1) v Jesse GALE (AUS/7) SCHLOESSER was the No. 1 seed in all the categories after the qualifications. He won the gold in mixed teams and the silver in teams after a crazy match yesterday. He could now complete his collection with a bronze. GALE was nevertheless not to be taken as an easy opponent. The archers were tied at 28-28, then at 57-57. SCHLOESSER, who usually looks so calm, seemed a bit nervous and scored a triple 9 in the third end. GALE caught a 10 and two 9s to take the first lead 85-84. The scored was quickly tied again as SCHLOESSER opened the fourth end with a 10 and GALE a 9. The next arrows were a 9 for the Dutchman and a 10 for GALE. They both finished the fourth end with 10; GALE still led 114-113.  SCHLOESSER tried to put pressure when it opened the last set with a 10. However GALE scored another 10. SCHLOESSER finished with 9 and 10. GALE had 10-10 and could raise his arms in a sign of relief and pure joy! Bronze medal for the Australian Jesse GALE 144-142!    Bronze – Ella HUGO (AUS/5) v Bairma DYLYKOVA (RUS/27)  HUGO dominated DYLYKOVA all the way. The Australian outscored her opponent in almost every end to win the bronze medal, 140-132.