BOW TYPE: Recurve
CLUB: Samford Valley Target Archers
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Taymon has been shooting bows for almost his whole life. As a one and a half handed athlete you can imagine how challenging this was growing up attempting to establish devices and apparatuses equal to the task of becoming a High Performance Athlete in Archery. Taymon has shot multiple different bowtypes in various disciplines. This includes Compound, Longbow, Barebow and of course Paralympic Target Recurve. He has shot as a Bowhunter, a
Traditional Archer, Historical Reenacting, Combat Archery Sports and High Performance Target Archery.Taymon has achieved many goals as a Para-Archer and later as a Paralympian of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Or Covid Games as some know it, due to the only Games (Both Paralympic and Olympic) that have ever been postponed by a full year, however not cancelled.His proudest achievements include achieving a 60 metre OzBow score almost a decade ago after failing multiple times that day. (Never give up, never surrender!!!)

Winning both the Nationals and Oceania Championships.

Though what he is most known for is completing a promise he made when he was 14 to his Nanna. That she would see him make it to the Paralympic Games before she passed away. Though she did not live to see him compete in Tokyo, 12 years later where he celebrated his 26th birthday in the Paralympic Athlete’s Village itself, she did know he had qualified as she passed away earlier that year of 2021. In Taymon’s mind it was a phenomenonal achievement and an honour to his Nanna as well as his country.

Taymon has recently shot National Records and recieved (thanks to Paralympics Australia) the Australian Sports Medal.

Taymon also has an Agitos (Paralympics Symbol) tattooed on his forearm where his vambrace attaches to allow him to shoot. As well as this, the tattoo has part of the indigenous “The Journey” artwork that was designed for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Uniform and a flaming arrow with the words “Thank you Nanna,” for the woman who continuously drove him to practice when he was too young to drive. As well as being the passion in his earlier years as an Archer.

Taymon is currently sponsored by a few organisations that assist him in various ways. These include Fivics Archery a strong Archery company based in Fivics that provide him with World Class equipment as a member of Team Fivics. Above and Beyond Fitness, a gym that gives him both access to high grade equipment and strong community of positive, proactive people. The AIS which gives him spectacular grip designes for his half hand to shoot at his best. Ace Sunglasses, a Brisbane based protective eyewear company and MarkAbility/Buzz Media who provide Taymon with radio discussions and occasionally spectacular gifts such as framing his first ever Green and Gold Jersey. Lastly while not a sponsor as such, a man who has known Taymon for the greater part of his life; Perry Jackson, has designed and developed almost all of his apparatuses he uses on his forearm since he was first starting out. As a thank you Taymon gave him one of two of his longsleave shooting Jerseys for a lifetime of assistance. Without these people and groups, Taymon willingly admits it he may not have made it to Tokyo 2020. Which by his own words, “was an incredibly near run event anyway.”

He has been coached by Alison Hagaman, Graham Winston, Rob Turner and currently Ricci Cheah and Sarah Fuller. Most were HP athletes themselves.

Taymon is still training hard for Paris 2024 Paralympics as what drives him now is to assist in unifying the world in era of peace. He believes that, like other brilliant athletes with disabilities, if people of determination can do such amazing things, they have the ability to lead the world in a new way.

Taymon routinely speaks on behalf of both the Paralympics and Archery Australia at regular times in panels and public speeches designed to endorse the great sport of Para-Archery and Archery in general as we move towards the Brisbane 2032 Paralympic and Olympic Games.