Update from the Archery Australia Board

Committee Review

The Board is reviewing the types of committees that AA has in place to help deliver our sport to the members.

As a first step we will be examining what committees other sports have and what functions can be done in the AA Office. We hope to have this review and consultation completed by the end of the year.

Strategic Plan

The Board undertook a review of the AA Strategic Plan and looked at how well RGB’s plans match the AA plan. AA has started a process to develop a new draft plan for discussion with RGB’s later in the year, and will be seeking an aligned of these Strategic Plan across our sport.

The current strategic areas cover Governance, Sustainability, Development and Growth, and the Archery Performance Pathway. As a first step we have arranged a briefing from Sports Australian about what other sports have done to achieve the integration of their plans.

Membership Numbers

Membership numbers have taken a hit with COVID impacts, however as of the end of December Archery Australia membership was at approximately 6,400. Unfortunately our female membership continues at only at 26.5%. The key to growth is in introducing new members into clubs and our coaches in our clubs do a fantastic job in taking on this role.