Para & VI National Championships Round Up

The weather really turned it on for the 2021 Para & VI National Championships and everyone was celebrating the sunny days with little wind.

It has been 2 years since the event had last gone ahead due to COVID-19 restrictions. Since then, it’s clear the archers have been working very hard and this 2021 tournament was close and exciting.

A number of archers shot PBs and a few national records were broken (unverified but we’ll announce when they’re official).

About Para Nationals & VI Classifications

Depending on the archer’s ability, they are classified into different divisions to ensure the competition is as fair is it can be.

Within the same division you will noticed a few differences in the archers such as some sitting on stools while others are in wheelchairs. You can visit our website for more information of para classifications and divisions.

Archery also has a vision impaired division where the archers use assistant devices to ensure their body and hands are in the same position to shoot every time and to help with aiming.

2021 Results

Following the same format as international events, the Para & VI National Championships consists of a qualification round followed by individual matchplay.

You can view the qualification round results here.

The matchplay was very exciting with a number of one arrows shoot-offs, which had many of the spectators on the end of their seats.

Matchplay Results

Para Open Male Compound

1st – Jonathon Milne (NSW)
2nd – Garry Robinson (NSW)
3rd – Peter Marchant (NSW)

Para Open Female Compound

1st – Ameera Christina Lee (NSW)
2nd – Natalie Smith (SQAS)

 Para Open Male Recurve

1st  – Marek Steiner (NSW)
2nd – Chris Davis (SQAS)

3rd – Taymon Kenton-Smith (SQAS)

 Para Open Female Recurve

1st – Imalia Oktrininda (NSW)
2nd – Wendy Shurety (SQAS)

 Para W1 Female

1st – Rebecca Woods (NSW)

 VI 1

1st – Janelle Colquhoun (SQAS)
2nd – Glen Baxter (SQAS)

3rd – Brendon Fox (VIC)

 VI 2/3

1st – Craig Newbery (VIC)
2nd – James Mills (SQAS)
3rd – Helen Boardman (SQAS)


Photo Credit: Sarah Fuller and Jaymie Wood