National Compound Program Update

The Archery Australia National Compound Program is a new program that has been designed to help reflect Archery Australia’s commitment to aid archers in achieving successful results at World Archery Championships and World Cups.

Details About The Program

The aim is to provide is to provide a system of support for Archery Australia’s leading Compound Archers in a structured, sequential and transparent manner that enables the athletes to be the best Archers that they can be.

The NCP will have three distinct components:

  • National Squad
  • National Development Squad
  • National Youth Squad

Youth age athletes will be included in the National Development Squad for the initial period until a National Youth Squad will be formed separately.

Objectives Of The Program

The ultimate objective of the NCP is to win medals at World Archery Championships and World Cups by supporting identified athletes within the program through a combination of more accessible coaching and training camps and performance based funding support for travel for World Championships.

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