Launching The Best All Round Archer Awards

Archery Australia is pleased to announce the Best All Round Archer award guidelines for 2022.

After consultation and agreement with the Regional Governing Bodies, Archery Australia wishes for the Best All Round Archer award (BARA) to be the most prestigious award available for archery in Australia.

One award per bow type and gender will be awarded based on results from the National Field, Indoor and Target Competitions in 2022.


The award will follow the following guidelines:

  • A total of six awards across the three World Archery recognised bow types: Recurve, Compound and Barebow (recurve)
  • There will be one male and one female BARA for each bow type.
  • Rounds to be included to select the BARA will be:
    • Australia Field Open or National Field Championships (whichever is held that year)
    • National Indoor Championships (two scores shooting the same bow)
    • National Target Championships 900 Round
    • National Target Championships 1440 Round
    • National Matchplay Championships 720 Ranking Round
  • If Barebow is not included in the National Matchplay Championships, then all the above events excluding the Matchplay Ranking round will comprise the BB winning score.
  • The winner will be declared by combining the total score from all the above events for the same bow type.
  • The BARA will be presented at the medal presentation following the conclusion of the National Matchplay Championships.


  • if an event is cancelled for all archers AA in consultation with the RGB’s will decide if the BARA will be awarded that year.
  • If only one RGB is affected due to the cancellation of an indoor event AA in consultation with the RGB’s will decide how the BARA will be calculated and awarded that year.
  • No online events other than the National Indoor Championships will be included in the BARA given the variation in conditions between outdoor venues.