2021 Australian Open & Barebow Test Event Round Up

That’s a wrap on the 2021 Australian Open and Barebow Test Event.

It’s been a fantastic few days of archery with the country’s top shooters battling it out.

About The Event

Sydney Olympic Park Archers hosted the events on their grounds, the very same range where the Sydney 2000 Olympic archery competition was held and where Simon Fairweather (Australian archer) won gold.

With little wind across the four-day event, it made for some top quality shooting and exciting matches.

The barebow event along with the mixed team matchplay added another element to this year’s event and went off very well.

The grounds looked impeccable and we thank all SOPA, the hardworking volunteers and the Sydney Olympic Park Authority for getting it in such great condition.

We would also like to all the officials, volunteers, organizing committee Members, sponsors for making it such a fantastic event.


Recurve and compound archers will receive $50 per individual match won from the 1/8 round onwards. Each individual medallist will also receive additional prize money.

Click here to complete the form to claim your prizemoney.

Barebow archers will need to contact Sydney Olympic Park Archers in order to claim their prizemoney.


Congratulations to all archers who competed in the event!

You can see the ranking results here. After the ranking round, archers competed in matchplay where archers/teams go head to head – the winner progresses and the loser is eliminated. You can find a summary of matchplay here.

Compound Results

 Male Individual Compound 

1st – Matt McDougall

2nd –  Pat Coghlan

3rd –  Jonathon Milne

Female Individual Compound

1st – Ameera Christina Lee
2nd – Rhiannon Mills

3rd – Tazmin Forrest

Mixed Team Compound 
1st – Pat Coghlan & Rhiannon Mills
2nd – Scott Brice & Elizabeth Randle
3rd –  Jonathon Milne & Ameera Lee

 Female Team Compound

1st – Rhiannon Mills, Elizabeth Randle & Tazmin Forrest
2nd – Katrina Robinson, Ameera Christina Lee & Alyssa Mollema
3rd – Amber Cook, Kerry Heath and Maria Wright

Male Team Compound 

1st – Pat Coghlan, Scott Brice and Bailey Wildman
2nd – Matt McDougall, Jonathon Milne and Danie Oosthuizen
3rd –   Garry Robinson, Sho Shim and Mitchell Campbell

Recurve Results

Male Individual Recurve 

1st – Peter Boukouvalas
2nd -Alex Smith
3rd – David Barnes

Female Individual Recurve

1st – Sarah Haywood
2nd – Laura Paeglis
3rd – Madeline Boyle

Mixed Team Recurve
1st – Laura Paeglis & Taylor Worth
2nd – Alice Ingley & David Barnes
3rd –  Olivia Hodgson & Astin Darcy

Female Team Recurve

1st – Sarah Haywood, Ammrutha Vashetharan & Kim Lavender
2nd – Alice Ingley, Laura Paeglis & Melissa Spinocchia
3rd – Madeline Boyle, Imogen Grzemski & Emma Nolan

Male Team Recurve 

1st – David Barnes, Taylor Worth & Ryan Tyack
2nd – Alex Smith, Alec Potts & Astin Darcy
3rd –  Markus Kahrau, Jai Crawley, Zac Tonizzo

Barebow Results

Male Individual
1st – Ross Gooding
2nd – Michael Fisher
3rd – Mark Bartlett

Female Individual
1st – Marianne Rieckmann
2nd – Debbie Tremelling
3rd – Amanda Ament

Mixed Team
1st – Mark Bartlett and Elizabeth Hole
2nd – Michael Fisher & Marianne Rieckmann
3rd – Amanda Ament & Kevin Curran

Male Team
1st – Michael Fisher, Mark Bartlett & John Deer
2nd – Stephen Slack, Imrahil Leeder & Mick Turner
3rd – Peter Nelson-Furnell, Ross Gooding & Gregor Whiley

 Female Team
1st – Elizabeth Hole, Marianne Rieckmann & Debbie Tremelling
2nd – Cristen George, Kathryn Kiefhaber & Emma-Lucille Blayney
3rd – Donna Hurnall, Karen Deer Trudy Scott