Question 1:

Is the use of pencils allowed when scoring at all tournaments including World Archery sanctioned events—National Championships, Award Tournaments and World Ranking events?

There are no rules that disallow the use of pencil for scoring arrows. The possibility of cheating is prevented by the cross-checking between the two scorers and by the judges controlling the conduct of scoring. Therefore scoring with pencil is permitted.

Question 2:

If we are using electronic scoring do we need to also record the scores on a paper scorecard?


Yes, you must have at least one hard copy paper scorecard. Electronic results maybe altered without people’s knowledge, if there is any question about electronic results only the signed paper is considered the true and correct record.  Records and awards will not be recognised with only electronic results.


Question 1:

I have to identify my arrows with my name or initials when shooting in a tournament. Where can I write my name, on the shaft, wrap or vanes?


World Archery rules identify either the shaft or wrap. You can not have your name or initials on the vanes.


Within archery there appears to be much confusion as to the rule surrounding “touching arrows (or target face or butt) prior to scoring”.

The common misconception is if there is an arrow close to the score zone dividing line and the archer touches the arrow if it is their arrow then the lower score prevails or if the archer touches someone else’s arrow than the high score prevails.

This is totally incorrect. There is no such rule and there has never been such a rule in Archery.

In this area Archery Australia complies with World Archery rules.

World Archery Rule 14.2.1 states – None of the arrows, the target face or butt shall be touched until the value of all the arrows on that butt has been recorded.

It is very important to note there is currently and there has never been any direct penalty for failing to comply with this rule.

In saying that if an archer does touch arrow/s (or target face or butt) prior to scoring it is the responsibility of the other archers on the target to bring this to the archer’s attention.

If the archer continues to touch arrow/s (or target face or butt) prior to scoring the other archers on the target may bring this to the attention of a Judge who may issue a warning.

Alternatively, if a Judges observes an archer touching arrow/s (or target face or butt) prior to scoring the Judge can issue a warning.

It should then be noted that under World Archery Rule 15.1.7. it states

An athlete proved to have knowingly broken any rules and regulations may be declared to be ineligible to participate in the competition. The athlete shall be disqualified and shall lose any position he may have gained.

So an archer who touches arrow/s (or target face or butt) prior to scoring and has been previously warned by breaking WA Rule 15.1.7 may be declared to be ineligible to participate in the competition by a Judge.


Can I use an overdraw shooting a recurve bow?


Yes, but the overdraw must not be any longer than 4cm. That is, the contact point of the arrow against the bow must not be more than 4cm from the bow pivot point.

What rules apply to Longbow Shooting in Australia?

World Archery Rules for Longbow only apply to 3D and Social Field Archery events.

In Australia, Longbows can compete in all activities, Target, Indoor, Field, Clout and 3D. To avoid confusion, Archery Australia has created clear shooting rules for Longbow, which are generally in line with World Archery Shooting Rules with a few minor exemptions.

For all competitions held in Australia, ONLY Archery Australia Shooting Rules will apply.

If World Archery makes a change to the Longbow Rules, when do these new rules come into force for archery in Australia?

Unless it is a safety issue, all new rules or admendments come into force on 1st January each year.

I shoot a Longbow; can I claim a FITA Star Award (Target), FITA Arrowhead Award (Field) or Target Award (Target or Indoor) in a World Achery registered tournament?

If you are shooting in the Longbow Division, the answer is “no”, as World Archery does not recognised Longbow for Target, Field or Indoor.

For persons shooting longbow to be eligible for FITA Awards, they must compete in the Freestyle Recurve Division to qualify for FITA Stars or FITA Target Awards and in the Barebow Recurve Division for FITA Arrowhead Awards

Do you have a question about the Rules or would like to check if a piece of equipment is allowed.

You can request an Official Interpretation from either the Constitution and Rules Committee or the Official Committee. Some requests may even be elevated to World Archery.

To obatin an Official Interpretation complete the REQUEST FOR INTERPRETATION FORM and send to


What sponsor advertising can I wear?

For archers representing Archery Australia in an international competition or competing in Australian in a World Archery registered tournament shall comply with the requirements imposed by World Archery.

You should refer to the World Archery Eligibility requirements clause 2.2 of the World Archery Rule Book.

A summary of the World Archery requirements –

  • Tobacco and alcohol advertising and sponsorship are forbidden at World Championships.
  • Athletes may wear advertising in addition to the normal manufacturer trademarks of the articles worn. The manufacturer’s trademark is the registered mark of the company which produced the item. If a company has an item made for it under contract, the label of the item, if appropriate to the item, shall correspond to its trademark.
  • Athletes may have advertising on their personal and technical equipment (e.g. bows, bags, etc.) in addition to the item’s normal trademark.
  • All advertising on clothing above shall not exceed 400cm2 per item.That is the total advertising on an item combined must not exceed 400cm2 e.g. 20cm x 20cm or 40cm x 10cm.
  • This restriction applies to items such as clothing, bows, stabilisers, quivers, chest guards, spotting scopes, bags, caps etc.Athletes’ competitor numbers are not covered by this rule.
  • All trademarks referred above shall not exceed 30cme.g. 3cm x 1cm or 1.5cm x1.5cm, except trademarks on bows and stabilizers which may not exceed 400cm2.
  • The official insignia, flag or emblem of the country, National Association, RGB or Club they represent has no restriction as to size and is not counted as advertising.
  • Adverting must not obscure or cover up the competitors name, country code, or official insignia or logo.
  • These advertising requirements are to be observed by all team officials present on the field of play.

How is Advertising Measured?

A sponsors advertising is measured by determining the width and height of the object as a square or rectangle and multiplying the numbers, e.g. 10cm x 5cm equals 50cm2.

Odd shaped logos or a circular logo are measured as a square.

If there are multiple logos on an item the total size of all logos is added together and the total must not exceed 400cm2.



The Archers Agent is an important part of a team and represents the archers at the targets during scoring Matchplay events.

This document details the role and responsibilities of the Archers Agent; CLICK HERE

Who can act as DOS at events?

Separate accreditation for a person to be a Director of Shooting (DOS) was removed as a requirement by Archery Australia a number of years ago when World Archery deemed it mandatory for the DOS to be a Judge at any World Archery registered event.

As such any National Judge or National Judge Candidate can act as a DOS at a registered WA events to enable the records and results to be valid.

If the event is not registered with World Archery then this requirement is not needed and the event organising committee can appoint a DOS from a person with suitable knowledge of the rules to conduct an event. Although, it is always preferable to have a Judge or Judge Candidate act in this role whenever possible due to the need for the DOS to be fully conversant with the rules.

If the event is a National Championships then all Judges and the DOS will be appointed by the Archery Australia Officials Committee from the list of suitable applicants, they are not appointed by the Organising Committee.

Most RGBs have a similar system in place where they appoint people to Officiate at the State Level events.

NOTE: All the other normal requirements such as the number of Judges required for WA registered events must also still be adhered to.