Given the cancellation of all National Events for the remainder of 2020 Archery Australia (AA) is looking to implement an Invitational Competition on-line that will allow archers to re-engage with archery at their local club without the need to travel.

The Tournament is open to all archers no matter what their ability – including Para and VI, showing placings via both raw score and by scores calculated using an individual’s AA handicap.

It is anticipated that clubs will take the opportunity to schedule their revised club calendars to coincide with some of the dates published.

The Event:

The tournament will be conducted across six (6) weekends commencing in September and finishing in December 2020. The tournament will be open to all Archery Australia Members.

The rounds to be shot will be WA60/900, Short Canberra and Junior Canberra. These rounds have been selected as they prove to be the most popular within our archery community.

Of the six event dates, an archer’s best two (2) scores will be used to calculate their position on the competition table. This will mean an archer can shoot all, or just two events being held to be considered for any awards, this will allow all competitors an opportunity to participate and hopefully ensure weather or future lock downs do not have an impact on the final standings.

All on a 122cm face with 30 arrows at each distance:

  • WA 60/900 60m, 50m & 40m
  • Short Canberra 50m, 40m & 30m
  • Junior Canberra 40m, 30m & 20m
  • Refer the chart below for which Division shoots which of the above distance
  • Distances to be shot by all VI archers – 30m, 20m & 10m


  • Club registration with AA to hold the event – $0
  • Archer Registration for the event – AA will charge no entry fees, and it is hoped that clubs will not charge their members to participate. However, clubs may wish to charge visitors their usual shooting visitor fee if one applies.

Location & Participants:

  • Any AA affiliated club can participate in the tournament.
  • Any number of clubs within an RGB can hold an event on any of the weekends listed below (either Saturday or Sunday, but not both on the same weekend).
  • Clubs are entitled to limit the number of competitors to their event based on the government advice given for their area.
  • A minimum of six (6) registered participants are required to shoot the full 90 arrow round for the clubs scores to be recognised as official

Running the Event:  

  • Each event shall be run as per any AA Registered tournament. To allow maximum participation across Australia, clubs should seek the assistance of any AA Judge, Judge Candidate, Event Judge or AA accredited Club Official to make sure they are to run the event correctly.
  • If a club wishing to participate does not have access to one of these levels of official, please contact the Archery Australia office for advice.
  • The special Event Verification form, click here, must be completed at each event and submitted to
  • Each event is to be timed as per all AA Tournaments.
  • There must be double scoring, with one electronic arrow by arrow ( and one paper scoresheet.
  • Paper scoresheets must be retained by the participating club recorders until final placings are announced.
  • Bow inspections are required.
  • Participants must be financial members of AA.


AA Results notices will be as follows:

  • Off Bow Results – being the position of each archer showing their best two rounds with “Raw scores”
  • Handicap Results – being the position of each archer showing their best two rounds after their AA Rating has been applied

Where two archers are tied a countback of tens and X’s will take place, if archers remain tied a countback of X’s will be applied.


  • There will be no AA records applicable for this event
  • This event will NOT be applied to current National Ranking List but will be included in the unofficial/RGB Ranking List
  • Each RGB may choose if records are to apply and should advise their membership prior to the start of the competition

Awards and Prizes:

  • AA will award BacktoArchery invitational medals for each division
  • Competitors will shoot the distance relevant to their age division and bow type, however –
  • Talented Cub and Intermediate archers are asked to consider registering and shooting in the Division and/or Distance above their current Division. This is not mandatory, but, in the spirit of fair play is encouraged.

Event Dates:


Week 1    Saturday 19th or Sunday 20th


Week 2    Saturday 10th or Sunday 11th

Week 3    Saturday 24th or Sunday 25th


Week 4    Saturday 7th or Sunday 8th

Week 5    Saturday 21st or Sunday 22nd


Week 6    Saturday 12th or Sunday 13th


To register your club – please Click Here