Athletes Committee

Athlete Committee

The Athlete Committee is the athlete voice for Archery Australia. A representative group of current and former athletes provide the Archery Australia CEO and board with feedback and ideas from the athlete’s point-of-view.

The Athlete Committee meets quarterly and discusses a range of topics brought to them both from archers of all levels, and from the CEO and other AA executives.

To get in touch with the Athlete Committee, please reach out to the Committee Chair at

Athlete Committee Members 2023-2025

Astin Darcy (AV)

Alexandra Feeney OLY (ANSW) – Chair

Amanda Jane Jennings PLY (SQAS)

Rhiannon Mills (Archery SA)

Jay Moylan (AV)

Jarrod Nicholson (AWA)

Ryan Tyack OLY (SQAS)

Jane Waller OLY (Archery ACT)

For further information: Archery Australia Athlete Committee Charter 2023