Bronze in Shangahi

BRONZE IN SHANGHAI Pat Coghlan wins Bronze Article from World Archery The bronze medal match saw Australia’s Pat Coghlan defeating the top-seeded man, Reo Wilde, by one point, 144-143. “Im feeling ecstatic,” said Pat. “It’s great after, I think, I looked on the website of World Archery and it said it had been seven years [since my last medal] so, I’m really elated and really happy. I respect Reo and he’s a great guy. I’ve been shooting with him for years. There’s certainly respect because he’s such a great archer.” “I decided about six months ago that I really wanted to have a go at this season and so I’ve been putting in a lot of time and effort. So I’m really happy to come away with the bronze.” “I’ve got a little boy who’s severely autistic. He’s seven now so it’s challenging for everyone at home to look after him and for me to get my training done so that I can get here, so I’m really blessed that everything’s gone so well,” Patrick added. The first stage of the 2017 Hyundai Archery World Cup runs 16 to 21 May in Shanghai, China. Read more about SHANGHAI 2017 ANDREA VASQUEZ