Inclusive Archery Introduction




Archery is a sport that anyone and everyone can get involved with and have a go. It doesn’t matter about your age, ability, background or anything else, there is always a way to get involved!

There are the physical benefits such as improving your upper strength

or mental benefits such as Improving your focus, hand eye coordination, control and even improving your relaxation techniques

Archery Improves your confidence and with a host of welcoming clubs across Australia, it will provide a great social, community environment for you and the family.


Where to start?


The first point of contact is to contact the Archery Australia Office:

Checkout the Archery Australia Facebook Page – Click Here

If you’re new to archery, and what to give it a go then you can find your local club and do a ‘Come n try’ event or a beginner’s course.

Find a club after choosing your region – Click Here

Archery Australia is currently working on creating a network of Para and VI friendly clubs, and resources.






Family Name Given Name Date of Birth Gender WA ID Classification Shooting Class Status Review Date Date of Classification
Place of Classification
Davis Christopher 1972-04-12 M 43822 W1 W1 C 2022-02-21 Dubai, (UAE)
Dinnerville Kieran 1987-09-20 M 46515 W2 Open C 2023-01-27
Mulgrave, (AUS)
Drake David 1984-01-31 M 24438 Not Eligible NE NE 2015-08-22
Donaueschingen (GER)
Faulkner Kevin 1960-09-15 M 15183 W2 Open C 2015-08-22
Donaueschingen (GER)
Fernandes Joel 1979-12-09 M 46520 W2 Open C 2023-01-27
Mulgrave, (AUS)
Fowler Gregory 1978-07-08 M 46521 Standing Open C 2023-01-27
Mulgrave, (AUS)
Green Steven 1965-03-25 M 46516 W2 Open C 2023-01-27
Mulgrave, (AUS)
Hazem Essam Anas Amr 2007-07-24 M 46522 Standing Open C 2023-01-27
Mulgrave, (AUS)
Hockley Hazel 1953-04-01 W 17652 B1 V1 FRD 2023-05-31 2019-06-01 ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Holland Thomas 1995-02-23 M 46517 Standing Open C 2023-01-27
Mulgrave, (AUS)
Jennings Amanda 1971-10-07 W 46523 Standing Open C 2023-01-27
Mulgrave, (AUS)
Kenton-Smith Taymon 1994-09-06 M 28038 Standing Open C 2019-04-10 Dubai, (UAE)
Lee Ameera 1974-02-01 W 23254 W2 Open C 2021-07-03
Nove Mesto (CZE)
Lyons Clarkson Kyle 1997-12-15 M 17653 Standing Open R 2017-01-01 2015-08-22
Donaueschingen (GER)
Marchant Peter 1961-06-11 M 20746 W2 Open C 2017-09-10 Beijing (CHN)
McMurdo Craig 1973-06-20 M 28037 W2 Open C 2019-04-10 Dubai, (UAE)
Milne Jonathon 1986-01-25 M 17540 W2 Open C 2015-08-22
Donaueschingen (GER)
Mobbs Matilda 2009-07-02 W 46518 Standing Open FRD 2024-01-26 2023-01-27
Mulgrave, (AUS)
Newbery Craig 1964-11-16 M 30562 B1 V1 C 2022-02-22 Dubai, (UAE)
Oktrininda Imalia 1979-10-27 W 32577 W2 Open C 2021-07-03
Nove Mesto (CZE)
Robinson Garry 1973-07-27 M 31776 Standing Open FRD 2025-01-26 2023-01-27
Mulgrave, (AUS)
Steiner Marek 1965-12-15 M 17650 Standing Open C 2015-08-22
Donaueschingen (GER)
Tanner Melissa-Anne 1973-08-14 W 46519 Standing Open C 2023-01-27
Mulgrave, (AUS)
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