2024 Olympic Games


2024 Paris Olympic Games

(26th July – 11th August, 2024)

2024 Paris Olympic Games Nomination

The 2024 Paris Olympic Games takes place from the 26th July until the 11th August 2024.

Please see below the nomination policy approved by the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC)

2024 Paris Olympic Games – Archery Nomination Criteria


MQS Events:

If you wish to register a tournament/event outside of those events listed in Appendix 2 – MQS Performance a) – c), ie one that falls under d), please contact info@archery.org.au with the event details as approval required by the NTSC 7 days before the event

A copy of the completed scoresheet must also be submitted to info@archery.org.au for the NTSC to approve within 7 days of the event being held.

A list of approved events which fall outside of those listed in a) – c) will be posted here: