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Archery Australia is a not-for-profit community and volunteer membership based organisation and the is only Archery organisation in Australia recognised by government at all levels as the National controlling body for the sport of Archery in Australia.

Archery Australia through its State-based Recognised Governing Bodies and local Clubs provide activities, standardised rules and regulations, policy and procedures, awards and classifications while delivering open and fair events and equity as well as participation at all levels of the sport.

Archery Australia represents the interests of it members, Clubs and individuals to government, other sporting organisations and the international archery federation (World Archery).

Archery Australia as well as Recognised Governing Bodies and Clubs are committed to the development and growth of the sport in all disciplines.

Archery Australia is committed to the provision of the highest standard of instruction, coaching, officiating and sports management for all levels of the sport; Youth, Open Age, Master, Veteran, Veteran Plus and elite levels.

Archery Australia through Recognised Governing Bodies and Clubs will develop, foster and promote Archery as a recreation and competitive sport for all.

Each year you pay fees to your club; you should be fully aware of how these fees are distributed.

The fee you pay is split between your Club, RGB and Archery Australia. The Club component, which is usually the majority of the fee, is used to manage the day-to-day operations of your Club.

A portion of your fees goes to the RGB and to Archery Australia. The RGB component of the fees is used to manage the day-to-day affairs of the RGB as well as carry out activities and programs, for the growth and development of the sport in the State.

Importantly the RGB is a channel of communications between Archery Australia, Clubs and individual members.

Each RGB and Club will have different fees based upon facilities, costs and services they provide; you should check with your Club as to the amount being charged and how the fees are used.

The Archery Australia component of the fee is used to manage the sport as detailed below.

Currently the Archery Australia fee is $100.00 (including GST) for seniors and $65.00 (including GST) for minors.

What services and facilities does Archery Australia provide?

  • Recognised governing body of the sport of Archery by the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Institute of Sport, State Governments and State and Regional Institute of Sport and Sport Academies.
  • An integrated sport federation with State associations and an extensive club network in all facets of the sport.
  • Member association of World Archery (formerly FITA), Member of the Oceania Archery Federation and Asian Archery Federation.
  • Recognised as the governing body for Archery with the World Masters Games Association and Australian Masters Games
  • Founding and active member of the Archery Alliance of Australia (Archery Australia, Australian Bowhunting Association, 3D Archery Australia, Traditional Archery Australia and the Australian Archery Hall of Fame).
  • Maintains membership to and is the only Archery association who is entitled to be a member of:
    • Australian Olympic Committee
    • Australian Paralympic Committee
    • Australian Commonwealth Games Association
    • Australian University Sports
    • Outdoor Recreation Industry Council
  • Maintains a fulltime National Office providing a visible presence for the sport.
  • Maintains a fulltime High Performance Office servicing our elite and developing athletes.
  • Is the communications channel with World Archery and other International Federations.
  • Is the communications channel with Federal, State and Local Governments.
  • Provides administrative support for RGBs and Clubs, including when they are applying for grants.
  • Responsible for selection and support of National Teams to such as –
    • World Archery Championships,
    • World Games, Para Championships,
    • Olympic Games,
    • Paralympic Games,
    • Commonwealth Games.
  • Recognised by the media as the official voice of Archery.
  • Provides to all RGBs and Clubs at no cost a National Member Database.
  • Membership recognition with National Membership Cards.
  • Provides to all RGBs and Clubs at no cost a National Results and Scoring system.
  • Provides to all Clubs and RGB access to a free websites linked to the Archery Australia website.
  • Maintain policies and procedures, which provide consistency and transparency for all.
  • Provides clear and consistent Rules and Regulations by and under which the sport operates in Australia.
  • Online event registration and recognition.
  • National Tournament Calendar.
  • Registration of events with World Archery.
  • Annual National Archery Championships.
  • National and Australian Records, RGB also offer State Records.
  • National Rankings, some RGBs also provide State Ranking.
  • Standardised rounds and events.
  • Standardised rules, regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Performance Award and Classification system for all members.
  • International Performance Awards.
  • Ability to compete on the world stage in archery and represent Australia at World Championships, World Cups, World Games and Olympic Games (recurve).
  • Insurance cover including Public Liability, Personal Accident, Professional Indemnity, Association Liability and Travel Insurance.
  • Ability to visit and shoot on a reciprocal basis at over 130 clubs within Australia.
  • Ability to shoot in events and at Clubs in over 150 World Archery member countries.
  • Ability to shoot at Archery Alliance Clubs and compete at Archery Alliance events around Australia.
  • Instructor and Coach training and accreditation programs.
  • Judging training and accreditation program.
  • National online shop providing Archery merchandise at members rates.


Archery Australia is able to provide all of the above services from individual subscriptions paid annually.

Without such income the sport could not operate and archery and the interests of its members and affiliates could not be represented to government and the sporting industry.

The sport would be seen to simply be a group of unorganized individuals, Archery Australia provides a uniform and structured sport.

The High Performance Program and international teams are partly funded from annual subscriptions, although the majority of funding comes from the sponsorship and support provided by the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport.

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