National Ranking List

What is a Ranking List?

The Ranking List is intended to provide a current list of scores from archers around Australia.  The Ranking List maybe used for International Team Qualification and/or National Squads (dependent upon the event selection criteria) There is a ranking list for Target, Field and Indoor.

What is a Ranking List Submitter?

Each Regional Governing Body (RGB) nominates a person to submit ranking scores on the RGB’s behalf.  Scoresheets  are checked by the Ranking List Submitter (RLS).

Should the RLS be unable to submit the scores then the RLS or President of the RGB will contact the Chair of the Tournament and Records Committee and ask that another member of the RGB be accepted as the official submitter of the ranking scores for that RGB.

How the National Ranking List Work?

Positions on the Archery Australia Open Compound and Open Recurve Target ranking lists are able to be obtained by shooting the ranking list Minimum Qualifying Score (MQS) over:

FITA 720@70m (72 arrows @70m on 122cm face) – Recurve

FITA 720@50m (72 arrows @50m on 80cm face) – Compound

The RLS of the RGB in which the Tournament or Event is held submits valid scores on behalf of the competing archers regardless of the archer’s home State.

What is a Valid Score?

A valid score is one that complies with the Archery Australia Qualifying and Ranking Events Guidelines and the QRE was conducted to Archery Australia and World Archery Shooting Rules

What shoots may be used for ranking scores?

Only scores from Tournaments and Qualifying and Ranking Events (QRE) listed on the Archery Australia QRE and Tournament Calendar or from World Archery Registered or international and overseas events that meet the requirements as stated in the Qualifying and Ranking Events (QRE) Guidelines will be accepted.

Please be aware that there will be irregular updates of the Archery Australia Calendar so use the Archery Australia website version Clubs and RGB can register Tournaments or QRE at anytime during a years with only 30 days notice.

Can overseas events be used for the ranking list?

If an archer is competing overseas as a member of an Australian Team then the Team Manager will be responsible for sending any valid scores to the RCC for inclusion on the Ranking List.

If an archer is competing overseas as an individual they should submit their valid scores through their RGB Ranking List Submitter (RLS). The RLS can add this event to the RLS scoresheet (as done for other events), and validate the claim once the official results provided by the archer have been checked. If criteria have been met select YES to validate the score, and it will be added to the Ranking List. A copy of the results should be kept and sent to the Tournament and Records Committee if required.

What happens if I shoot at an Interstate event?

The RLS for the RGB that is holding a QRE or Tournament is the official submitter of valid scores from competing archers from all states, not just for the archers from the state holding the event. This also applies to all Archery Australia National Championships and the Australian Open.


Is there a limit on the amount of shoots available during the year?

There can be any number or QREs registered annually following registration the QRE online with the Archery Australia Online Calendar through the Archery Australia website.

How are scores submitted?

The QRE scores are entered via Archers Diary and will be released to the Ranking List once the event checklist has been received. Score sheets are to be sent to the RLS for checking. The RLS can advise the National Ranking List Submitter to invalid a score if scoresheet is incorrect.


The only time an individual archer has to become involved is when they shoot World Archery registered events overseas in which case they need to notify their RLS and provide them with documentation so that the score can be added to the relevant monthly submissions. These scores must be submitted to the RLS in the month the tournament was shot to be valid.

How many scores are used?

All results from Qualifying and Ranking Events (QREs) are to be submitted via Archers Diary. The official then needs to complete the event check sheet and submit to Archery Australia.  The scoresheets are to be be forwarded to the State RLS.


Are there penalties for submitting the scores late?

Scores are to be entered via Archers Diary as “arrow by arrow”.  The Official/Judge needs to submit the event check sheet. The scores will not be added to the ranking list until this is received.  Scores will degrade by 2 rating points each 30 days from the date of the event.  If the check sheets is late the scores may have degraded before being listed.

What needs to be provided to the Ranking List Submitter?

Scorecards are required to be sent to the RGB RLS by the host club.

A copy of the completed QRE Check Sheet must also be submitted – QRE Check Sheet (Appendix 3).

What happens with my scorecard from a QRE?

One copy of the scorecard is electronic.  The paper copy is to be sent to the RLS. The Archery Australia Tournament and Records will accept photocopied scorecards for record and award claims though reserves the right to ask for the original if required so please ensure that the whereabouts of the original scorecards is known.

The scorecard sent to the RGB RLS must be an original scorecard.

Scorecards MUST be fully completed in all areas or the scorecard will be rejected by the RGB RLS. First name only, Initials or nicknames will not be acceptable.

How the National Rankings are calculated?

The scores are made up from the highest degraded rating from AA or WA registered events. Ratings are
degraded by 2 points per month (30.4 days). (Clout scores are degraded by 5 points per 30.4 days)

Can Youth, Master or Veteran archers be on the ranking list?


Are there any Registration/Administration Fees involved?

There will be Registration/Administration fees charged in connection with Qualifying and Ranking Events.  See the Archery Australia QRE Policy for further details.

Who administers the OPEN Recurve and Compound National Ranking Lists?

The National Ranking List Submitter, on behalf of the Archery Australia Inc board. An RGB authorised member will check and approve all valid scores shot by their registered members at QRE and Tournaments under their jurisdiction, and forward this information to the Archery Australia Office and the RCC who maintains the National Ranking List database. Updated National Ranking Lists will be published monthly (or as otherwise required) on the Archery Australia website and/or any current Archery Australia Inc publication available to the membership.

Why bother ‘degrading’ the scores?

The aim here is to account for current form without resorting to single selection events. The 5 points degrading per month for target is arbitrary. It tends to favor higher scores, and to give them a ‘shelf life’. More importantly, by offering a system where even enormous scores will degrade over time, archers are encouraged to shoot tournaments regularly.

How can I maintain my National Ranking if my State does not hold regular FITA tournaments or QRE?

The easiest way would be to encourage your Club, or nearby Clubs, to stage World Archery Registered Tournaments, A Tournament or QREs under rules and procedures acceptable to your RGB and Archery Australia, have them registered on your State Tournament Calendar and Archery Australia Online Calendar

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