“Motion Forward” – Our Story on Canvas


About the Artist:
As an Olympic Boxing athlete and Dunghutti man, Brad Hore is a well-known figure in the Australian community. His background has heavily influenced his art and bring a unique perspective to the canvas.


Exploring the Artwork:
”Motion Forward” gives us a visual representation of the spirit of Archery in Australia. The earthy colours remind us of Australia’s landscapes, a nod to our land and roots. The kangaroo footprints painted across the canvas symbolize our ongoing journey and progress in the sport.

At the centre, we see figures that represent our athletes, coaches, and the entire supporting community. Together, they stand as the heart and core of Archery Australia. To read more about the story and its meaning, check out the AA website and Social Channels.


The People Behind the Project:
Athletes, Nic Kyriazis and Sarah Haywood, both ambassadors with the AIS Share a Yarn Program, played a significant role in this project. Their work alongside Brad, ensured that “Motion Forward” truly reflects the values and story of our community.


A Group Effort:
This artwork was made possible with the support and guidance of the Archery Australia Athlete Committee. They helped ensure that the art was a true representation of our community, by consulting with community. It’s worth noting that “Motion Forward” was influenced by the combined voices and experiences of many within the Archery Australia community.


In Summary:
”Motion Forward” tells a story of our community’s passion, inclusivity, and aspirations. Looking at the artwork, one can clearly see that archery in Australia is more than just a sport: it’s a shared journey and community.