Archery Australia Inc Board Election
Elected Board Member

30th June 2022

‘Archery, a sport for all, for life”

Nominations are formally called for the election of two Archery Australia Board members.

Election Timetable*:

  • No later than 30 June 2022 call for nominations
  • No later than 5pm (AEST) on 31 July 2022 nominations close
  • No later than 15 August 2022 distribute ballot papers and candidate’s statements to RGBs.
  • No later than 5pm (AEST) 30 September 2022 ballot papers are to be received.
  • No later than 15 October 2022 the CEO will be advised of the result of the ballot.

* Please note – Archery Australia is currently an association incorporated in the ACT and is working towards becoming a Company Limited by Guarantee. A new company constitution is being developed. Under the current constitution, newly elected Board members take office on 1 November 2022 in accordance with the above process. Nominees will be advised if there are any changes to the above process.

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The CEO must receive nominations no later than 5pm AEST 31 July 2022.

2022 Board Nomination Form – Click Here

Nominations to be sent to: