Late Membership Renewal

Membership Terms and Conditions.

If a member has been un financial for a period of more than 4 months and has not shot or participated in any coaching or judging activities then they will as from the 1/7/15 have two options.

1)  They can renew their membership and have it backdated as per the current 12 month rule and in so doing continue their membership without recording a break in membership.  This will be the default position if an Archer does not indicate otherwise.

2) They can fill out a form requesting to have their membership processed as being financial from 12 months from the date of rejoining, the new joining date will become their future anniversary date, similar to a new membership.  This will record a break in service for any awards etc and so this should be taken into consideration at the time.

When an archer is renewing online they will see a link in the declarations area of the renewal that will open up a form that needs to be filled out after they renew to let AA know they wish to exercise option 2 as above.

This will let AA know to reset the members financial end date accordingly.

If the member renews direct with the club they will then need to fill out the form as soon as possible to let AA know. A direct link to the form is available here  CLICK HERE

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