Archery Australia 2020 Board Election Results

Archery Australia Board Election Results – 2020

Archery Australia Board is pleased to advise the appointment of Melissa Mongan and Brian Hagaman to the Archery Australia Board following the recent 2020 Elected Board Member Election. Archery Australia would like to welcome Brian and Melissa who both bring a wealth of experience to the Archery Australia Board. They will both commence a four-year term on the 1st of November 2020.

The new appointments see a change in personnel with John Hyde stepping down after serving on the Board for eight years and Grant Cole who has served on the Board for the last four years.

Outgoing President, Grant Cole, stated, “I have been very grateful for being part of the Archery Australia Board and I would like to thank the Board for the time and dedication they have given and continue to give to our sport. I would also like to congratulate Melissa and Brian on their appointment and hope they have as much enjoyment during their time on the Board as I have”.

Archery Australia CEO, Rick Hastie, wanted to thank John and Grant for their work, “I would like to add my thanks to John Hyde and Grant Cole for their service to Archery and the Archery Australia Board. Grant has been a fantastic supporter of improving the sports governance and grass root activities and I know he will continue to enjoy dedicating his time to Archery.

As always I am very grateful for the amount of time our volunteers dedicate to Archery and I’d like to thank John who has been an ever present during my time with Archery Australia and a thoroughly dependable member of the Board, including a term as President. John has been instrumental in improving the organsiations technology and has made a tremendous contribution to the Archery family over the last eight years.

I would also like to welcome Brian and Melissa and look forward to working with them and the other members of the Board moving forward”.

More details on the new Archery Australia Board will follow at the commencement of the new Board forming on the 1st November 2020.