A MESSAGE FROM THE TOURNAMENT AND RECORDS COMMITTEE PLEASE TAKE THIS REMINDER ON SCORECARDS SERIOUSLY Scorecards are official documents and the importance of completing them correctly is not getting through to some members of the archery community. Recently a number of records and awards have been declined due to incomplete or incorrect scorecards.   When a scorecard is being used for an Archery Australia Record or an award (Archery Australia or World Archery) claim, it passes through several stages where it should be checked: 1. It is not just the scorers’ responsibility that the scoresheets are correct. The archer (who owns the scorecard) MUST ensure all details are correctly completed and that the second copy (when double paper scoring) contains the same information and that scores match before signing his/her scorecards. 2. The tournament organiser MUST be using the correct scorecards and that the scorecards are correctly completed. Scorecards can be downloaded HERE. The tournament organisers MUST check each scorecard when they are presented following the tournament and they have the choice of not accepting incorrect or incomplete scorecards and not listing those archers on the results or returing scoreacrds and not accepting until correct. 3. The RGB Recorder MUST also check that the scorecard is correct and has been fully completed before sending it (within the required 2 month time frame) to the Archery Australia Tournamnet and Records Committee as part of an award or record claim. 4. The Archery Australia Tournamnet and Records Committee will also check the scorecard is correct and will decline claims if the scorecard is still not completed to the committees satisfaction and will inform the RGB Recorder as to the reason why it was rejected. This means that all areas on the scorecard MUST be completed such as – Distance and total score X’s/10s and Xs Date of Birth Signatures of the athlete and a witness usually a scorer Distances shot Date if Tournament Archers full name, not initials only, nickname or first name only Competitors details Gender/Division/Class   SPECIAL NOTE – The scorercards MUST be completed neatly and in an legible manner to ensure that whoever is checking the scorecard can clearly identify each score and does not need to guess what is written.