Three Month Membership Extension

Three-Month Membership Extension   Archery Australia has been working with all RGB’s and the Clubs across Australia to try and support all members by issuing a three-month extension to your membership during these uncertain times.   As a member automatically joins a club, an RGB and Archery Australia at the same time, in order for this to happen all three organisations (AA, RGB and Club) are required to agree to an extension.  So far all RGB’s have agreed to the three-month extension and over 70 Clubs have agreed, therefore meaning that over 5,000 members will receive this extension this week and we’re hopeful the remaining Clubs will want to be involved over the next week or two.  A huge thank you to all the clubs and the RGB’s for your assistance with this process, it’s incredibly appreciated! Although the RGB’s and Archery Australia are actively encouraging all clubs to accept a three-month extension, if a club chooses not to go down this route then we will be unable to provide the members of that club with a three-month membership extension.   Three-month Extension: All members that were financial as of the 1st April 2020, will receive a three-month extension to their membership. Eg. If your current membership expiry date is the 30/06/20, it would now become 30/09/20 This will be constantly reviewed in consultation with the RGB’s and the Clubs. Further information can be found here Once Archery Operations resume, a new membership card will be issued with your updated Expiry Date A list of Clubs that have so far signed up can be found here (updated 14.04.20)   Any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us (