State by State Guidelines – COVID-19

Archery Australia will continue to follow the Australian Government guidelines relating to COVID-19, but we also understand that we operate in a federated structure. As such, we acknowledge that there are differing levels of restrictions being set by each of the State Governments. Therefore, we will be working with individual Recognised Governing Bodies (RGBs) based on their respective State restrictions.

If your state permits, you may resume limited practice, so long as all health and government requirements are met at all times. 

It is also important to note that whether club activity can commence is ultimately up to the individual clubs. Failure to comply with both the latest State and Federal Government Guidelines surrounding COVID-19 may have implications with the club’s insurance and leave you liable to penalties. 

To assist in this process, Archery Australia has prepared a set of guidelines (see below) for Archery Clubs and Archers to follow during this transition period.

Archery Australia remains committed to complying with advice provided by the Federal Government for all archery activities under its control. While we look to relaunch Archery within the community, in a pandemic, small numbers become big numbers very quickly and we cannot afford for any sporting organisation or club to be the source of a community outbreak/second wave. The safety and well-being of our participants and community is our priority.


  • The responsibility lies with individual Archery Club and members to ensure that they are fully aware of and compliant with their own State Government legislation, Federal Government Legislation and any RGB advice,
  • Only outdoor club activity can operate, no indoor archery activities are currently permitted.
  • Hand sanitiser should be made available at each club.
  • Archers should practice safe hygiene at all times, including washing hands for at least 20 seconds before and after any archery activity.
  • State legislation on the maximum persons allowed at the archery club at any one time must be followed at all times. Booking systems may need to be in place for this to happen to restrict social gatherings.
  • Archery equipment cannot be shared between archers.
  • One Archer Per Lane – unless a family are shooting who live at the same address.
  • It is recommended that only every second lane is opened/in use to help maintain social distances of 1.5m.
  • No field archery is currently permitted unless in groups of one archer per target.
  • No archery tournaments, QRE’s or planned events are currently permitted (excluding online shooting competitions).

People at a higher risk (those aged over 70 and/or those with medical conditions or compromised immune systems) are encouraged to remain at home whenever possible.


Links to both the Federal Health Department website and the State/Territory Health Department websites can be found here:

Australian Government’s Department of Health COVID-19 Website – Click Here

Local State and Territory Health Departments – Click Here



Archery Australia fully supports the government initiative of the COVIDSafe App. Although we encourage members to sign up, we respect your own personal choice in deciding whether to do so or not.

For more information please go to: