PROPOSAL – Master/Veteran Team Event

Proposal ? TRIAL for 2013? National Championships Master/Veteran Teams Event There may be one recurve and one compound team from each RGB (recurve may include longbow and barebow recurve and compound may include barebow compound).  Each team is to comprise three archers drawn from archers who are competing in the Master or Veteran divisions and must have at least one female member. Each team is to be of at least two Masters and at Least One Veteran competing in the Master and Veteran competition. With the combined ages of each team of at least 165 years. In determining the age of team members, the age of individuals in the year of the National Championships will be used and will not be rounded down (i.e. a person turns 50 in the year of the National Championships will be deemed to be 50, even though, at the time of the Championships, the person is 49… and a bit). Teams will compete in Target and Field events and all scores of team members will count – regardless of the rounds/distances shot. Nominations shall be submitted by each RGB in writing to the Organising Committee by 3.00 pm on Day 1 of the National Championships (Registration and Official Practice). A reserve name may be submitted and the reserve?s score can only be used if a team member is unable to complete the event (and provided the minimum age team total is met). The reserve?s target and field scores will be used. The team member whose scores are replaced will no longer be considered part of the team. An award (yet to be determined) for the 3 members of each of the winning teams will be provided.    Comments and suggestions are invited by the 30th October 2012 at